Upwork Saved My Life: How To Create A Profitable Career On Upwork By Freelancing

Discover How To Build A Successful Freelance Career in Upwork, From Start To Finish

Upwork is the world's largest freelance marketplace.

It gives you the freedom to work anywhere, anytime. However, not knowing the right steps in building a successful career with Upwork can easily lead to frustration.

This book will teach you the most effective ways on how to get started as a freelancer and how to avoid common mistakes that other freelancers often commit during their first couple of months on Upwork. It will show you how to get the most out of Upwork, no matter where you are in your freelance journey.

When you learn how to get started on Upwork the right way, you’ll open the door to great financial success as an independent freelancer.

This Book Is For You If You Want To...

  • Easily attract high-paying clients
  • Get paid to learn new skills
  • Consistently win profitable gigs with your stellar proposals
  • Collect great reviews from satisfied clients
  • Finally understand how and when to charge higher rates for your services
  • Stand out above your competition
  • No longer feel stuck, working longer and harder than ever before but getting nowhere

Let’s Take A Closer Look At What You’ll Discover Inside

How To Get Started in Upwork

  • What Upwork is and what it is not
  • The multiple benefits of Upwork
  • How the process works
  • What kind of work you should do?
  • How to set up your profile to win
  • Writing proposals that land gigs
  • How to use the interview to get the job

Growing Your Freelance Business on Upwork

  • How to respond to “invitations to interview”
  • When/how to increase your rate
  • Improve your skill set→ Earn and learn
  • How to find (and keep) the best clients
  • How to get amazing reviews that bring you business
  • Work with other freelancers
  • Start an agency on Upwork

Common Upwork Challenges (and How to Get Past Them)

  • Difficulty getting approved
  • Inability to find clients with big budgets
  • Upwork takes a percentage of what you make
  • Slow weeks, then crazy weeks
  • Getting booted from the site
  • Difficult clients can be too much to take
  • Upwork scams and how to avoid them

As you can see, everything has been laid out for you so that you don't have to worry about wasting your time. It gives you the opportunity to transform your freelance career from zero to six figures, on your terms.

No more wasting hours and hours every day in front of your computer.

No more stressful client interactions.

No more worries about getting ripped off.

Being an “Upworker” is the single best way to become a full-time freelancer, working from anywhere in the world, and earning the kind of money that just wasn't possible until now.

Hi, I am Adam Palmer, author of Upwork Saved My Life.

Over the past 4 years, I've become the highest paid earner on Upwork. I've had more than 200 jobs and earned more than $1M!

In this book, I've outlined my personal experience on how I was able to build a profitable career online as an independent freelancer in Upwork.

I'll show you how to get started, how to find the right projects, and how to get hired immediately. Plus I’ll share the exact strategies I’ve developed for myself that help me earn six figures a year on Upwork!

My tried and true methods will allow you to be a successful freelancer so that you can live your dream lifestyle. You're going to make money, get paid on time, and do what you love every day!

Are you ready to become a highly paid and in-demand freelancer on Upwork?

**Adam Palmer is not endorsed by Upwork and this book is filled with information that is strictly considered the opinions on how to grow your freelance business. Upwork Inc makes no claims on the opinions and their effectiveness when used on the Upwork marketplace.